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Abstract Thoughts

13 December
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Many will come to this profile wondering who I am. The answer is more simple then anything. I am Abstract. It may only be a name I use on this site, but if anything that word describes me the most. I am, firstly a young female. You may ask yourself, is she of legal age, or is she single and the answer I will give you is this: My heart is taken. Yes I am of legal age, but if you are only asking to hit on me, then I'm not. ;)

I have a love and fascination with many different types of art. I love to create graphics and fractals. I can also do coding like there is no tomorrow. As for music, I am always a musician at heart. No matter what art form I'm pursuing I will always keep my roots in music. I can sing and I play numerous instruments. As far as writing goes, I am a decent writer of satire and political essays. As for poems and sappy love stories, you might be better off doing a google search on Danielle Steele. I constantly write in my journal so that is worth the visit.

When it comes to my likes and dislikes I have a list somewhere on this profile that should suffice. If you feel that you need to know every little thing that irks me send me a crapply written message and hit on me. I can bet that will do it there. :)

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